The Foundry

The Foundry is FinTech Wales’ award-winning, no equity accelerator programme that provides world-class mentorship and support to help incubate, accelerate and scale start-up organisations from all over the world!

Phenomenal Success

Established in 2021, FinTech Wales’ Foundry has seen phenomenal success with many of the Foundry alumni seeing incredible investment and growth. The programme is recognised globally and forms an essential part of FinTech Wales’ strategy to attract international, as well as UK, startups to develop and scale in Wales and enjoy the collaborative benefits the Welsh FinTech ecosystem has to offer.

22 Startup FinTech organisations have successfully completed the FinTech Wales Foundry
Over 150 skilled job opportunities have been created from the Foundry alumni in Wales 
£26 million investment has been raised so far, with a further £40 million investment expected over the next three years

Foundry Graduates

What makes the Foundry unique?

Not for profit

We don’t take a cut of any deals we facilitate nor do we charge founders to participate.

Zero equity

The Foundry does not take any equity in the companies we accelerate or incubate.

Corporate led

Cohorts are chosen by our partners and invited to develop a proof of concept or minimum viable product.

Deal focused

We measure our success by how many deals we can generate for founders; be it investment, partnership or any other format.

Ecosystem backed

Workshops, perks, and mentors are curated by leveraging the goodwill and expertise of the Welsh FinTech ecosystem.

Value added

Successful applicants receive up to £400,000 in tangible perks plus numerous intangible benefits and mentorship.

Why Wales?

See what our Foundry alumni have to say about the Welsh FinTech Ecosystem

Foundry News

June 12, 2023

FinTech Wales Meets Yacooba’s Co-Founder, Diogo Santos

We recently sat down with Diogo Santos, Co-Founder of Yacooba, a new revenue redistribution model for event promoters and travelers around the world, to discuss their decision to move to Wales and how the FinTech Wales Accelerator Programme helped them get honest feedback from other entrepreneurs and mentors.

May 10, 2023

FinTech Wales Meets AGAM’s CEO, Shabnam Wazed

From closing a funding round supported by the Development Bank of Wales, to partnering with Bangladesh’s leading microfinance institution: we caught up with Foundry alumni AGAM to discuss their recent milestones, and why they chose Wales as the perfect place to grow their company.

April 25, 2023

FinTech Wales Meets Finalrentals’ CEO, Ammar Akhtar

From a 6-figure funding round to global expansion: we sat down FinTech Wales Foundry alumni Finalrentals at their new offices in Tec Marina, Penarth, to discuss their company’s growth story to date.

January 01, 2023

FinTech Wales’ 2022 Highlights

2022 was a phenomenal year for the Welsh FinTech ecosystem, so we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to show you some of our highlights from FinTech Wales’ Foundry, skills initiatives and events over the past year. 

What’s next for the Foundry?

Following three extremely successful seasons of the Foundry, FinTech Wales is now planning the next programme. Contact us today if you would like to express an interest in supporting or taking part in future programmes.