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FinTech Wales is an independent membership association and champion of the FinTech and Financial Services industry in Wales. As the leading advocate for FinTech in Wales, we are dedicated to empowering FinTech companies and financial services within the region to achieve remarkable success.

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Amplify, Influence & Build

By focusing on four strategic pillars, we are creating a fully inclusive and supportive ecosystem that enables FinTechs to thrive.

Skills &

FinTech Wales links industry and academia to increase awareness of career opportunities in FinTech, and continuously develop the talent required for the ecosystem to grow.

Funding &

Securing essential funding for Welsh FinTechs involves actively cultivating global relationships with investors and influencers to generate crucial investment opportunities.

Ecosystem &

We pride ourselves on having a world-leading, collaborative FinTech ecosystem that provides essential and valued support for Welsh FinTechs to connect, learn and thrive.

Promotion & Amplification

As the voice of Welsh FinTechs, we amplify our ecosystem’s astounding success on a local, national and global stage. We must be louder and prouder to show what Wales can offer.

Latest News

There is always something to talk about in the world of FinTech in Wales. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest industry news and member stories here.

June 17, 2024

FinTech Five – Top Stories in Welsh Fintech – 17th June 2024

In this edition, we cover Starling Bank's impressive growth, the Royal Mint's expansion into the US, Hodge Bank's significant milestone, Wales' appeal to international tech businesses, and AperiData's new investment. Dive into these stories to stay updated on the dynamic world of Welsh fintech.

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Why Wales? Why not?

Wales is a phenomenal place to start and scale a business, however don’t just take our word for it…

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More About Wales

“Cardiff is a dynamic and entrepreneurial city with a rich talent pool. Our office here is important to our growth as we benefit directly from the capital’s outstanding universities and FinTech expertise.”

“The Welsh cluster is a highly valuable contributor to the UK’s global FinTech position. I’m confident with the innovation and passion in the Welsh ecosystem; and I know there is more we have yet to see. I’m delighted to support FinTech Wales in all the great work they are contributing to the greater UK success.”

“There is a wealth of FinTech expertise in Wales and FinTech Wales is a crucial initiative that is combining this expertise to further enable growth, through understanding and addressing skills shortages as well as being a hub for the ecosystem that FinTech’s need to be successful.”

“The flourishing fintech sector is an integral and valuable part of our successful digital economy here in Wales. The supportive ecosystem and collaborative approach means that fintech firms have access to the help that they need to start-up and scale-up, including an established network of advice, talent and funding.”

“As a partner of FinTech Wales, we are passionate about supporting and growing the Welsh FinTech cluster. For us, it’s not just about supporting Principality’s growth; we want to support all the start up and scale up FinTech businesses to create job opportunities, boost economic growth and develop important skills.”

“Wales’ FinTech ecosystem is making a difference to so many people every single day, and we must be louder and prouder of our achievements to truly show what Wales has to offer.”

Our Members

The FinTech Wales community includes over 100 organisations representing FinTech, Cyber, Data and AI, Investment Services, Finance & Credit, Banking, Insurance, Professionals Services, Government, Education and more. Discover the companies committed to supporting the Welsh FinTech ecosystem.

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Member Offers and Discounts

June 18, 2024

Member Offer – KIBO – Ikigai Wellness

Ikigai Wellness presents an 8-week programme tailored for founders, underpinned by KIBO's core principles and their flagship programme, EAT SLEEP BREATHE CONNECT.

May 01, 2024

Member Offer – Call of the Wild –  Free Team Building Day

A free team building day for up to 12 people. This offer is limited to 1 organisation, so is on a first come first served basis, deadline to take advantage of this offer is 31 May 2024. Additional people and experiences can be added to the day at an additional cost.

August 16, 2023

Member Offer – Gower College Swansea – Available Courses

User Centre Design level 2, 3, 4 and Degree; Engineering Software Apprenticeship; a wide portfolio of Digital apprenticeship and short courses accredited and non-accredited, including Data Analytics; Cybersecurity Analyst and Telecoms.


Improving skills is integral to the FinTech Wales mission. We work closely with FinTechs, universities, colleges and training providers to ensure our organisations within our ecosystem can find the very best talent to help them grow and scale up. We’re building the right foundations in Wales so that we can attract, develop, upskill and retain great talent.

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The Foundry Accelerator Programme

Launched in 2021, the FinTech Foundry is our award-winning accelerator programme that provides startups with the vital tools and access they need to scale and grow in Wales. The Foundry provides world-class mentorship and support to help incubate, accelerate and scale start-up organisations within the Welsh ecosystem and beyond.

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