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Ikigai Wellness

Ikigai Wellness presents an 8-week programme tailored for founders, underpinned by KIBO’s core principles and their flagship programme, EAT SLEEP BREATHE CONNECT. Statistics show that around 4% of new businesses cease trading by the end of the first year, with this rate rising significantly over the following years. Seventy-two percent of founders report an impact on their mental health due to entrepreneurship, with many not sharing their stress and challenges due to fear of harming their reputation or success chances.

Offer Description

We are offering FinTech Wales members a discounted investment in our comprehensive 8-week wellness programme, designed to maintain your focus on your purpose while supporting your overall wellness. The programme commences in person starting Monday, 15th July 2024.


£250+VAT (discounted for FinTech Wales members)

How Do I Sign Up?

To claim this exclusive member offer, sign up here.

Offer expires 12th July 2024. Terms and Conditions apply.

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