Why Wales?

Wales has established itself as the perfect destination for FinTech organisations looking to start or scale their business. The thriving ecosystem in Wales provides a supportive environment with access to top talent, cutting-edge technology, and investor networks.

Why Not Wales?

Wales, with its inclusive and collaborative ecosystem, offers a significant opportunity for FinTech organisations aiming to establish or expand their business. The country has several unique characteristics that make it an attractive destination for such ventures.

Top Talent

The country is home to several renowned universities and educational institutions that produce a steady stream of highly skilled graduates in fields like computer science, finance, and engineering. This availability of talent enables FinTech organisations to find and recruit individuals with the required technical expertise and industry knowledge.


Wales boasts a supportive and dynamic ecosystem that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. FinTech has been recognised as a priority sector and as such the country has demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering a favourable environment for FinTech companies, providing various initiatives, funding opportunities, and support networks.


Having invested heavily in digital connectivity, with widespread high-speed internet access and advanced telecommunications networks, Wales has a robust digitised infrastructure, making it an ideal location for FinTech organisations. This infrastructure facilitates seamless online transactions, data management, and secure financial operations.


Many business leaders are always extremely impressed by the local Welsh FinTech scene, however Wales’ proximity to major financial centres in the UK, such as London, Bristol and Manchester, as well as easy access to European markets, is highly appealing. This geographical advantage allows FinTech companies in Wales to tap into a wide range of potential customers and investors.

Work / Life Balance

Wales offers a high quality of life and a lower cost of living compared to other major cities in the UK. This affordability factor can be advantageous for organisations seeking to attract top talent while managing operational expenses. With stunning beaches and majestic mountains right on our doorstep, the opportunity to take a break is essential for business owners and employees.

The Welsh FinTech industry boasts one of the most inclusive and collaborative ecosystems in the world.

See what people have to say about the Welsh FinTech ecosystem:


“When international startup founders learn about our ecosystem, they are impressed; maybe surprised; but more than anything extremely keen to learn more and explore establishing operations here in Wales. We have a supportive, welcoming community that understands the need to both grow locally and attract international talent to Wales. Our arms are open to welcome more.”

“Growing Wagonex in Wales has given us access to the thriving Welsh FinTech ecosystem. We are great advocates for the work that FinTech Wales are doing towards developing the ecosystem here in Wales.”

“Cardiff is a dynamic and entrepreneurial city with a rich talent pool. Our office here is important to our growth as we benefit directly from the capital’s outstanding universities and FinTech expertise.”

“The support received from the FinTech Wales Foundry and then the SMART Cymru programme has been essential to the growth of Ship Shape. Both programmes allowed us to develop the company we wanted to build and aligned they’re support around us, and not the other way around. “I am extremely grateful to everyone who has been on our journey and supported us so far.”

“Supporting businesses on their growth journey, from early beginnings to international growth is an important Welsh Government priority. Through our investment in the Development Bank for Wales, the extensive support services we offer through Business Wales and our commitment to growing our skills base, we are continuing to take positive action to support Wales’ thriving FinTech sector.”

“FinTech is a vital sector for the future economy of Wales. We’ve already seen huge growth, with numerous startups and as well as more established names choosing Wales as a base for their business. There’s real potential for Wales to become a leading FinTech hub, securing the high skilled, high wage jobs of the future.”

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