Welsh Fintech in Focus: Credit Canary’s Partnership with Incuto Driving Financial Inclusion in Wales

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00:00:00 – 00:00:08 Introduction
00:00:09 – 00:00:20 Credit Canary Explained
00:00:20 – 00:00:51 Partnership with Incuto
00:00:51 – 00:01:10 About Investing in Yes
00:01:10 – 00:01:38 Improved Loan Decisions with Data
00:01:38 – 00:02:19 Fintech for Good
00:02:19 – 00:02:32 Benefits for People in Wales
00:03:03 – 00:03:29 Future Plans
00:03:29 – 00:03:40 For Credit Unions
00:03:40 – 00:03:45 The Welsh Fintech Ecosystem
00:03:45 – 00:04:27 Benefits from the Welsh Fintech Ecosystem
00:04:27 – 00:05:04 Learn More About Credit Canary
00:05:04 – 00:05:09 Closing

In this week’s Welsh Fintech in Focus video we speak to Jim Fell, co-founder and CEO of Credit Canary. The video discusses Credit Canary’s partnership with Incuto, a banking platform for credit unions, and how it will help credit unions in Wales better serve their members.

Credit Canary: Helping Credit Unions Say Yes to More People

Credit Canary is a smart decisioning platform that helps consumer credit lenders assess borrower creditworthiness throughout the loan term. They achieve this by combining various data sources to understand each customer’s unique situation.

Investing in Yes: A Focus on Customer Support

The term “investing in Yes” was coined by Andrew Rabbit, a credit union advocate. It highlights the difference between traditional lenders’ technology, geared towards saying no to a large pool of applicants, and credit unions’ mission to support their members. Credit Canary’s data analysis helps credit unions understand their customers better, allowing them to approve more loans responsibly.

Fintech for Good: A Partnership to Benefit Welsh Customers

This partnership between Credit Canary and Incuto aims to benefit both credit unions and customers in Wales. Incuto has a marketplace where credit unions can list themselves on price comparison sites, but currently, no Welsh credit unions are listed.

Credit Canary and Incuto will work together to help Welsh credit unions get listed on these platforms. This will make it easier for Welsh customers looking for loans to find competitive offers from their local credit unions.

Credit Canary: A Welsh Fintech Success Story

Jim Fell highlights the Welsh fintech ecosystem’s role in Credit Canary’s success. The company is a graduate of the Foundry program and remains connected to the Welsh fintech community. They also received investment from the region, allowing them to hire locally and establish a presence in Wales.

If you’re interested in learning more about Credit Canary or the partnership with Incuto, visit their website at CreditCanary.co.uk. You can also book an appointment directly with Jim Fell to discuss how Credit Canary can help you.