FinTech Wales Meets EverKnock’s Co-Founder, Dan Awais-Dean 

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FinTech Wales Meets EverKnock’s Co-Founder, Dan Awais-Dean

Part of our mission is to be louder and prouder about the achievements of Wales’ FinTech ecosystem, demonstrating that it is the place to start and scale your FinTech.

But don’t just take it from us, hear it from one of our FinTech Wales Foundry alumni!

We had the privilege of interviewing Danial Awais-Dean, Co-Founder of acclaimed home-moving concierge, EverKnock. In the video, we delve into EverKnock’s evolution from its inception to its latest achievements, and what the future holds. We also discuss how the company’s association with our Foundry Accelerator Programme and its decision to move to Wales have played pivotal roles in the company’s remarkable success thus far.

If you’re a FinTech entrepreneur looking for the perfect location to scale your business, we encourage you to watch the full video interview below and find out why EverKnock and so many others are choosing Wales.