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Updated 05.05.2020-19:35

This is our continuing resource of information, help, services and tools for businesses who are impacted by the Coronavirus COVID-19 event. We will attempt to keep this as up to date and as accurate  as possible with all the messaging coming from both UK and Welsh governments.

We will try to avoid static content and link to official information sites where possible.


The go to resource from UK Gov on COVID-19 related business support. Also sign up for their email updates on COVID-19 business support.

Regular update from Deloitte on COVID19 funding responses from UK Gov

General information

Ensuring the health of your business, a great article from Sequoia on The Black Swan of 2020

The EY C19 repository and guides to support businesses and their forward plan of action

The CBILS latest  20200403 – CBILS Expanded Scheme Press Notice – FINAL UKN (as of 2nd April 20)

The CLBILS update from BBB

CBILS SME Factsheet from British Business Bank

How to respond as a senior executive in an organisation to C19, and be more resilient

Self-employed support package

As announced on the 26.03.2020 support is now being offered for those who are self-employed by UK Gov

Wage Support Package

Latest updates can be found on our earlier post on the Wage Support Package

Finance to support your business

Welsh Government add a £500m support package for businesses of all sizes in an Economic Resilience Fund

UK government are offering financial support for UK businesses to help mitigate financial impacts caused by the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 event. British Business Bank will be managing this on behalf of the government via a number of partners e.g. Lloyds Bank, Barclays etc. They are offering

  • Term Loans
  • Asset Finance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Revolving credit (overdrafts)
Applications for financial support are NOW OPEN.
Find more information in our CBILS post
Details of the UK Government CVID-19 support scheme are available at the British Business Bank website. Additional information is in our other post on our website on British Business Bank support for SMEs. If you need additional support or information please contact us at [email protected].

PR & Comms support

FrontDoor Comms are offering free support for small businesses on any PR and comms related items. If you need any support on this, to cover sickness or any other reason please let me know and I will connect you to FDComms [email protected]

Legal support

For our members of FinTech Wales we are able (through Capital Law) to offer free advice on legal matters relating to the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 event. This includes, but is not restricted to
  • Employment issues
  • Commercial terms/obligations
  • Insurance claims
  • Insolvency threats
  • Regulatory obligations
  • Lease obligations
  • Corporate deals
Please email us on [email protected] and we will provide you with contact details
We will also create and update a FAQ on the above matters as time progresses and post it on our site

Remote working

Many of our businesses are having to fully embrace remote working to help minimise the effect on both businesses and society. There is a very good community created resource available on google docs that has a wealth of great information on remote working. And another great guide on remote working.

Some really useful and practical tips on how to structure your day and be be better at Working From Home from

Motivii have kindly now offered their base product for free to help businesses manage their remote working better. They have also created a resource around how to make your teams work better, which is crucial given these recent changes.

Other team working resources (this is a great time to tighten up on how you work as a team):

16 personalities online test around what your team members are in terms of their roles, strengths and weaknesses

Know your team and how to communicate and lead your team.

A great TED talk on how to run your company

And our all time favourite from David Marquet (Santa Fe – Turn the ship around). David just has such an aura in person, and that still comes through when he gives talks.

UK Government support and information

Information coming from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, you can see the BEIS Coronavirus COVID-19 update on another post.

Welsh Government support and information

Economic resilience fund goes live 10th April 2020. Details and links bel

  1. Welsh Government Covid-19 Economic Resilience Fund Press Notice issued today
  2. COVID-19 Economic Resilience Fund – Q&A brief PDF
  3. Covid-19 Economic Resilience Fund – Process PDF

Phase 1 online triage and eligibility for the Fund is now live and can be found at the links below:

English  –

Welsh –

The Chancellor set out a package of temporary measures to support public services, individuals and businesses through the economic disruption caused by Covid-19. This information highlights the additional support available in Wales delivered through the Welsh Government. Information can be found on the Business Wales website relating to Coronavirus Support for Welsh businesses

If your FinTech or Financial Services business needs support please get in contact and we can direct you to the best people in Welsh Government [email protected]

NHS Wales Symptom Checker

On a person level if you have concerns please visit the NHS Wales Symptom Checker if you have recently developed

  • A high temperature (fever)
  • A new continuous cough

Please take note and adhere to the advice given relating to if and when you need to contact NHS Wales on 111.

Informatory online events

FinTech Wales will continue to create online events and resources related to information sharing and awareness.

Video of our small online workshop on remote teamworking

Our next event that we are currently putting in place will be a Q and A session with FinTech and Financial Services organisations from Asia and Europe talking about the measures they have taken and lessons learnt. Details will be released shortly on this one.