Welsh FinTech in Focus: Exploring Wealthify’s New Savings Account with Simon Holland

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In this episode of Welsh FinTech in Focus, host Owain sits down with Simon Holland, Chief Product Officer at Wealthify, to discuss the launch of a new savings account that’s causing a stir in Wales. Join us as we delve into the practicalities and benefits of this innovative offering.

A Practical Approach to Savings
Learn why Wealthify’s new savings account is gaining attention in Wales. Simon explains how it simplifies money management, making it more convenient for busy individuals.

Partnership with Clearbank
Discover the collaboration with Clearbank and how it enhances the banking experience for Wealthify customers. Simon outlines the advantages of this partnership and its alignment with Wealthify’s values.

Simplicity and Transparency
Explore how the new account addresses common pain points in the savings market. Say goodbye to complicated rates and hello to a straightforward approach to saving.

Looking Towards the Future
Understand how this account fits into Wealthify’s long-term vision for financial management. Simon shares insights into the company’s mission and how this account plays a role in it.

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