Welsh Fintech in Focus – Exploring Ogi’s New High-Capacity Network

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Welsh Fintech in Focus – Exploring Ogi’s New High-Capacity Network

0:00 Introduction
0:08 A High-Capacity Route to South Wales
0:48 Challenges and Solutions: Building a High-Capacity Network
1:35 Partnership for Digital Advancement in Wales
2:12 Benefits for Fintech and Media Industries
3:03 Ogi’s Future and How to Find Out More

In this episode of Welsh Fintech in Focus, we sit down with Sally-Anne Skinner, Chief Revenue Officer at Ogi, to discuss the recent developments in Wales’ digital infrastructure.

Join us as we delve into Ogi’s partnership with the Welsh Government to introduce a high capacity fibre network in South Wales. Sally-anne sheds light on the practical implications of this initiative, including its significance for businesses and the local economy.

Learn about the challenges encountered during the implementation of the fib network and the innovative solutions deployed to address them. Discover how Ogi’s collaboration with the Welsh Government is contributing to the digital advancement of Wales, particularly in sectors like fintech and media.

Explore the benefits of reliable connectivity for businesses, including enhanced operations and opportunities for growth. Sally-Anne shares insights into Ogi’s future plans and how interested parties can stay informed about their progress.

For those curious about the evolving landscape of Welsh fintech and digital infrastructure, this episode offers valuable insights. Visit out website for more informative discussions and interviews with industry experts here – https://fintechwales.org/

Get more information Ogi and their groundbreaking projects and services here – https://ogi.wales/