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At the very heart of Wales’ Financial Sector and Digital Economy     

The impact of digital transformation on the financial services sector needs little introduction, save to say it has been considerable over the last two decades. Left in its wake are the old days of large bank vaults, bank notes, and numerous tellers and cashiers in branches managing customer interactions and processing cheques that took five days!

Nowadays, of course, the sector is pivotal to the ‘always on’ hyperconnected digital economy. This means both established financial services institutions and growing fintechs must absolutely rely on non-stop IT systems availability, not least for enabling secure real-time transactions across global communications networks.

With so much at stake, Wales’ financial firms cannot afford to get it wrong. Fortunately, this is where having Vantage’s world class CWL1 data centre campus practically on the doorstep near Cardiff can really make a difference, accommodating both large and small business requirements – from colocation to private data halls and private cloud hosting.

And with increasingly stringent FSA data privacy and data management regulations as well as GDPR, a hybrid cloud IT approach is also supported. This allows the maintaining of core, mission critical systems and information in private clouds hosted at your on-premises data centres and connecting them to public cloud solutions for seamless access to day-to-day applications and services.

CWL1 Data Centre Campus – the best of all worlds

To support ongoing digital transformation, Vantage’s data centre campus can underpin your company’s ability to channel the disruptive power of IT to deliver real competitive advantage and growth. Getting your IT right means more informed decision making, overhead and cost optimisation, improved productivity and faster time to market, a highly responsive customer service, and the agility to respond more quickly to unforeseen market opportunities.

Formerly known as Next Generation Data, Vantage CWL1 is the largest data centre campus in Europe. Fully ISO and PCI DSS compliant, the impressive facility offers data centre services of 2kW to 125KW densities per rack. Central to delivery of services, it also serves as a regional Internet hub and major communications node for Wales and the West of England. In total 15 telecommunications providers offer regional, national and international connectivity services from the data centre for providing diverse, high-speed fibre solutions. As a point of presence (PoP) for the London Internet Exchange’s LINX Wales Peering Exchange, it means lower latency and an overall improved end-user experience for LINX members and their customers. Further connectivity credentials come with direct gateway connections into the network infrastructures of major public cloud providers, bypassing the public internet to ensure the delivery of extremely responsive, secure and reliable cloud-enabled services.

Meeting all requirements – Global, UK and Regional

With 72MW of 100 per cent renewably sourced power already connected, and 200MW more in reserve, the site offers more than enough forward power and power to rack densities for meeting even the most demanding Hybrid Cloud and HPC (High Performance Computing) requirements.

Looking forward, Vantage’s 1,450,000sqft/50 acres campus offers considerable scope for growth with enough space to keep pace with continuing strong demand for high-quality data capacity. With this, the company is moving ahead with the construction of two further data centres.

Why Wales?

Justin Jenkins, President UK and COO Europe, Vantage Data Centers, explains:

“Being in the Cardiff Capital Region translates into Vantage Data Centers being able to operate a massively scalable, future-proofed campus with an abundant power supply while offering pricing half that of London, thanks to our economies of scale and low real estate costs. Our semi-rural location is also a more naturally secure environment than a metro one and being strategically located in the M4 tech corridor means we are within convenient reach of our customers and numerous potential ones.  

“Furthermore, we have always enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Welsh Assembly Government. A supporter and key proponent of Digital Strategy for Wales, our continued success in attracting major businesses to the Cardiff Capital Region will bring significant ongoing investment into the local economy.”

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