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Welcome to The FinTech Five, where we take a weekly look back at the best articles and content from our FinTech Wales members.

This week we saw Ship Shape discussing big data, CashCalc revealing new software features, Wealthify showcasing their commitment to ethical investment, Principality Building Society getting behind the Welsh Startup Awards, and surprising insights from LexisNexis® latest cybercrime report.

1. Ship Shape Talk Big Data in South Wales Business Review

First this week, Ship Shape CEO, Daniel Sawko, has been speaking to the South Wales Business Review (SWBR) for their “Big Data, Big Results Issue”, exploring the role of big data and AI in Ship Shape’s mission to help start-ups identify the right investors.

The article covers a range of topics with the Welsh FinTech’s founder, including his experiences collaborating with Swansea University Professor Xianghua Xie on machine learning technology, and the importance of approaching big data methodically.

There’s plenty to enjoy in the latest publication from University of Wales Trinity St David, but if you want to jump straight to the interview with the exciting Welsh FinTech’s founder, then read the full feature here.


 2. Conduct Anti-Money Laundering Checks Remotely With Cashcalc’s Newest Software Feature

Next, we have news from financial planning software experts CashCalc, who have added a brand new feature to their service that enables clients to conduct anti-money laundering checks remotely.

The Newport based firm, which excels at providing industry-leading automation for financial advisors, explains how in partnering with Credas, the identity verification specialists, they’ve been able to add this latest feature to tackle the challenge of managing compliance and due diligence digitally.

An introduction from founder Ray Adams accompanies the announcement of CashCalc’s latest portal feature, along with a selection of easy-to-follow tutorials that show how it works in practice.

If you’re a financial advisor looking to improve productivity or simply a founder looking for inspiration on how to support evolving software with informative content, you can read the full post here on the welsh FinTech’s website. 

3. Wealthify Highlights the Green Companies That Make Up Its Ethical Investment Plans

The Penarth-based Wealth management company, Wealthify, continues to make investing accessible to the masses through its digital investment products with a series of articles highlighting the environmentally friendly organisations that make up their ethical investment plans.

Wealthify’s “Good Egg” spotlight this week focused on Vestas, a Danish company that’s a market leader in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of large scale wind turbines.

The article gives some background on Vestas, and its positive impact globally, which exemplifies the level of transparency Wealthify continues to show its user base. You can read more case study examples of the green companies that make up Wealthify’s Ethical Investments Plans in the full article.

4. Principality Building Society Sponsors New Award at the Wales Startup Awards

Principality Building Society has announced sponsorship of a brand new award category at September’s Wales Start-Up of the Year Awards.

The latest accolade focuses on high street start-ups, and Iain Mansfield, Chief Operating Officer at the Principality Building Society, is delighted they can once again show their commitment to the welsh business community.

“Start-ups are vitally important because they contribute to job growth and boost the economy in Wales. They help to improve the profile of Welsh business and showcase the talent and innovation that exists in our country.”

Dylan Jones-Evans, the Wales Startup Awards creator, was thrilled that the Principality Building Society has offered to sponsor the award.

“I am particularly delighted that this new award is being sponsored by the Principality Building Society not only because they are one of the leading home-grown Welsh businesses but because of their constant and unwavering dedication, over many years, to the vibrancy of high streets in towns across Wales.”

Read more about the positive work the Principality Building Society is doing to promote entrepreneurship in the region, along with how to enter this year’s Wales Startup Awards in the full feature.

5. Under 25s Most Vulnerable to Cyberattacks, According to LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Global Cybercrime Report

Finally, this week LexisNexis® Risk Solutions released surprising new data on the demographics most affected by cybercrime.

Contained in its Biannual Cybercrime Report, which publishes findings based on the over 24.6 Billion transactions within their Digital Identity Network, under 25’s are the most likely target of a fraudulent cyber-attack.

Rebeckah Moody, director of fraud and identity for LexisNexis®, had this to say on these intriguing insights.

“The higher level of risk to both the youngest and oldest age groups serves as a stark reminder of the need to protect all customers from the effects of fraud. While the younger age group are often perceived to be the most tech-savvy, their online footprint is vast, and they are generally happy to share their data with a wide range of companies.”

Read more about the cybercrime trends detailed in their latest report on the LexisNexis® Website.

And that’s it for the FinTech Five this week. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to join us next week for more of the best content from across our FinTech Wales membership.

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