Meet the First Foundry Cohort: Introducing Voltric 

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Powered by FinTech Wales, the Foundry is a unique, not for profit accelerator programme designed to scale the next generation of digital ventures in Wales. This week, as part of a series of interviews chronicling the founders within the Foundry’s first cohort, we had the opportunity to speak with Julian Mensah, Founder & CEO of Voltric

Introduce us to Voltric! 

Voltric is a mobility as a service company at heart. Right now, that means we’re an electric vehicle subscription service offering vehicles without typical massive upfront costs you usually get with other finance or lease agreements. Our single monthly price covers insurance, maintenance, repair, breakdown and recovery, as well as a comprehensive suite of perks to make driving electric simple.

What’s more, we’re developing an online tool to help drivers make the most of their car, from cost and CO2 saving insights to smart navigation and parking.

What would you say is the biggest problem you are looking to solve?

Getting into EV for the first time is scary. There’s a lot of information, and misinformation, to sort through. We want to make it as easy as possible to get people behind the wheel of an EV by sorting out all of the hard parts.

What are the societal and environmental benefits of your service? 

Obviously, improving the uptake of electric cars is great; no tailpipe emissions, better driving experience, quieter roads. But what we really want to achieve is empowering people to take control of their mobility, without being tied to expensive, depreciating assets. Making the mobility ecosystem more accessible, so you only use the transport you need, is essential to decarbonising the sector.

The Voltric team is based just over the Severn in Bristol. What’s made Wales an attractive ecosystem to scale over the summer?

As a Bristol based team we’ve been blessed with a vast network of supportive stakeholders and it’s this experience we seem to have tapped into as part of the Fintech Wales Foundry. And what’s even more exciting is that The Wales community hasn’t just opened us up to new and exciting opportunities, it’s given has us cause to consider how we can grow and develop our solutions within the Welsh community.

Where are your hopes for Voltric in a years’ time? 

In a year’s time, we want to be more than a subscription service. Sure, it would be great to have 100, 200, 500 cars on the road. But by then, we’d like to have built our platform to the point where drivers can use Voltric to take control of their mobility. That means integrated features like smart parking, navigation, charging, tolls, and insights. It sounds ambitious, but with the right team and support, we think we can achieve it in a year.

What advice do you have for other founders?

The journey is very tough. Others make it seem like it’s not meant to be this tough however, make it a daily mission to learn from every experience you have. Because at the start, you are so far from perfect however like every diamond, you just need to go through the rough first.

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