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Welcome to the Invest in Wales, Invest in FinTech Live Stream.

The live stream aired at 16:15 GMT on the 10th of November 2022.

The seven startups pitching at our Invest in Wales, Invest in FinTech event were…

Serene, 19:05 — Serene uses data as a force for good – helping people to identify, manage, and ultimately prevent poor mental health, whilst simultaneously empowering them to achieve their financial goals, 24:35— A powerful analytics tool designed with your property journey in mind. Combining investment grade property data with comprehensive, easy to use, financial models.

GoodDriver Insurance, 30:30— GoodDriver is a disruptive PHYD (Pay How You Drive) and PAYG (PAY As You Go) car insurance product especially for younger drivers, drivers with low no claims bonus and drivers of electric cars.

Nuable, 36:45 —  Nuable have assembled the best scientists, engineers and analysts to develop a guide that identifies the best renewable energy in any given area.

Cargo, 42:15 — Cargo is a digital kitty, aimed at group leaders, designed to help them better manage the finances, people and the details associated with group events.

fyio, 46:40— Designed to navigate life and bits of paper, fyio combines a digital filing cabinet, highly secure document share function and a fyio personal assistant.

Credit Canary, 52:45— Through data monitoring of active credit products, Credit Canary identifies scenarios where borrowers present an increased risk of missing their next payment.

For more information or details on how to invest in any of the above startups, email [email protected] today.