Boosting FinTech innovation Across the UK

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FinTech Wales and FinTech Scotland have released a report proposing increased Research and Innovation (R&I) to drive acceleration in fintech development across the UK, nationally and regionally to support growth and new jobs.

The report, entitled “Research and Innovation for UK FinTech” sets out a number of key actions to build a longer-term Research & Innovation across the UK.

Sarah Williams-Gardener FinTech Wales CEO said of the report:

This paper recommends a clear plan to secure a more prosperous future for FinTech through innovation and we need to act now to ensure that we can continue to grow in FinTech and not fall behind our international competitors. We must create an environment where opportunities to innovate – and break through the crowd – can be achieved. If we don’t commit to providing the right conditions now for our FinTech innovators, we will almost certainly lose out to our international competitors.”


You can download the report here.