FinTech Wales to host panel discussion on the Future of Insurtech and Insurance in Wales

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FinTech Wales is hosting a panel of Welsh innovators to showcase the latest trends and developments in the Welsh insurance and insurtech landscape at Europe’s largest insurtech conference. 

The Insurtech Insights conference in London will bring together more than 5,000 attendees, 400 speakers and 1,200 insurtech groups. At the event, FinTech Wales will be sharing its expert vision on the challenges and opportunities that come with the incorporation of insurtech in the Welsh insurance industry – and its ultimate impact on the Welsh economy. 

Sarah Williams-Gardener, CEO of FinTech Wales will be hosting a list of panellists, including Louise O’Shea (Former CEO of and Chair of FinTech Wales) and Founders Toby Kernon (Wagonex), Rob Korzinek (Zing) and Alex Mills (Dynamo Cover). 

The panel discussion will highlight the innovation happening in Wales and will offer valuable insights for insurance professionals and insurtech enthusiasts who have an interest in the future of insurtech and insurance in Wales.

Sarah Williams-Gardener, CEO, FinTech Wales, said “The innovation we are seeing and pace at which we are moving forward in insurtech in Wales is so exciting. The discussion comes at a pivotal time when artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology are quickly advancing.

“Wales has been at the forefront of innovation in the insurance sector since Admiral set up in Cardiff 30 years ago. Our panel of speakers represent today’s entrepreneurial industry leaders that are passionate about their customers, and are excited to see Wales’ innovations in insurtech, cutting edge technologies and strategies being implemented more broadly to ensure the UK leads the way.  We will cover the protection of data, the wider world of open data, the challenges and opportunities the industry faces, as well as the latest industry trends and much more. We look forward to presenting at this important event and continuing this dialogue at the Insurtech Insights conference.”

The panel, titled “Data-driven Personalisation: Exploring the Possibilities in Insurance” is set to begin on the 1st of March at 1.35pm on the Orange stage at the InterContinental London  – O2.

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