FinTech Wales Foundry Season 3 – Introducing

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Get to know, one of the seven startups forming the cohort for Season 3 of the FinTech Wales Foundry.

What is’s story? 

“Born from years of experience in working with property investors and professionals, Pintech was created to help them get to make better, smarter decisions, mitigating the downs side and exploiting the upside of any investment decision.”

What is the problem your startup has spotted and is looking to solve? 

“Helping existing and new property investors to gain a deep understanding of the financial performance of their next investment opportunity. No more complicated spreadsheets and trawling the internet for information you didn’t even know you needed to know. Pintech brings all the information you need to one place to help you make better investment decisions.”

Why did you decide to apply for an accelerator programme and what do you hope/expect to get out of the Foundry? 

“We are already confident that we have a solution that can shape our market however execution is key. Being part of the Foundry will challenge and help refine our thought processes in all aspects of the start-up journey which will provide a great platform from which to grow.”

Stay tuned on our socials for updates on’s journey throughout the Foundry Accelerator Programme.