Fintech Wales Foundry Season 3 – Introducing Intend

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Get to know Intend, one of the seven startups forming the cohort for Season 3 of the FinTech Wales Foundry

What Is Intend’s story? 

“Intend is the first fintech-enabled wellbeing company, and it exists to connect the dots between people’s mental and financial health. Our mission is to transform the way Gen Z spends, saves, and feels – empowering them to achieve their financial goals, whilst helping them to identify, manage, and ultimately prevent poor mental health by analysing changes in financial behaviours. 

I founded Intend because of my own lived experience of siblings with mental health problems, and the combined emotional and financial chaos they bring. I became increasingly frustrated that, despite the hundreds of wellbeing and finance apps on the market, nobody seemed to be making any meaningful or sustainable headway in breaking the vicious cycle between money and mental health?”

What is the problem your startup has spotted and is looking to solve? 

“Managing money is hard but managing money with poor mental health is even harder. Financial stress is the number 1 cause of mental health problems – yet 93% of all people spend impulsively or forget to pay bills when their mental health is poor, resulting in a vicious cycle of debt and stress. On both accounts, Gen Z is in crisis, and this is having a devastating impact on their financial futures.”

Why did you desire to apple for an accelerator programme and what do you hope/expect to get out of the Foundry? 

“As a first-time founder, I applied to get intense, hands-on experience whilst learning from entrepreneurs and experts that have seen and done it all before, especially in the realms of fintech. I’m hoping that by leaning on their expertise and experience, Intend can avoid some of the pitfalls to which early stage start-ups often fall prey, whilst simultaneously preparing to go to market and raise investment.” 

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