FinTech Wales celebrates 81% success rate in its first year of Coding and Data Academies 

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Coding and Data Academies see four in five cohorts enter employment or further training. 

FinTech Wales, in partnership with training provider iungo Solutions, has recorded an 81% success rate from individuals who attended their ten-week Coding or Data Academies. A substantial 62% of those who successfully completed the course have entered roles in FinTech or Technology, and 19% have gone on to undertake further training.

With the pilot of their first Coding Academy launched with Cardiff and Vale College just twelve months ago, FinTech Wales and iungo Solutions have since delivered further Data Academies at FinTech Wales’ office in Cardiff and Coleg y Cymoedd in Nantgarw, and have plans to deliver more academies with CAVC, Bridgend College and other colleges all over Wales.

The programmes are designed around the skills and talent requirements of FinTech employers, and are delivered to people who are either looking to re-train or are unemployed or under-employed.

Gemma Hallett, Head of Skills, FinTech Wales said: “Our Skills Strategy is to increase awareness of careers within FinTech, and create the talent required to support our thriving ecosystem.  We’re thrilled with the success we’re seeing already from the academies.  We are developing a constant stream of work-ready data analysts, cloud engineers and software developers, who are then being employed from organisations within our ecosystem. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve, and it’s only just the beginning.” 

Making strides in attracting a diverse range of talent into the industry, FinTech Wales and iungo Solutions also recorded that 41% of its learners have Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds and has attracted a range of age groups, from 18 to 62 years old. In addition, learners with lower socioeconomic status (CDE) contributed to 47% of the cohort. Whilst the gender split was predominately male at 76%, FinTech Wales, iungo and the participating colleges are working on a number of initiatives to encourage more women to apply for future academies. 

As well as learning new skills in python, software design, programming, agile project management and more, the cohort get a real insight into the FinTech sector, as FinTech Wales members including Admiral,, Sero, EY, ActiveQuote, Dynamo Cover, de Novo Solutions and many more, visit the cohort during a series of weekly lunch and learn sessions to support the academy initiatives and build meaningful relationships between industry and academia. The programme then concludes with interviews with FinTech employers looking for new talent.   

Ammar Akhtar, Founder & CEO, Finalrentals said: “I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the talent that was created from the Data Academy. Finalrentals has successfully hired three people as Data & Implementation Executives and they have made an excellent contribution to our company.  

“Finalrentals relocated to Wales from Poland after benefiting from FinTech Wales’ Accelerator Programme, the Foundry, which was a real catalyst for our growth. I am forever grateful to FinTech Wales for welcoming me into Wales’ amazing FinTech ecosystem, and now they still continue to be of huge support to us by creating talent that we need to grow the company and create value for our customers.”

Jessica Leigh Jones MBE, CEO, iungo Solutions, commented: “We’re delighted to have partnered with FinTech Wales to design and deliver the first employer-led Advanced Data Academy in Wales. We are extremely proud of the results achieved so far and will continue to work with those who are yet to find the right opportunity. Initiatives like this are an example of what can be achieved by working in collaboration with amazing partners to drive forward a shared vision. 

“We are pleased to be able to continue delivering these academies with FinTech Wales and various college partners and we look forward to scaling the Skills Academies model to meet the needs of FinTech employers, large and small, across the whole of Wales.” 

Sarah Williams-Gardener, CEO at FinTech Wales, said: “We are thrilled to have so many of our academy students launch a career or gain the necessary skills for roles in the FinTech industry. It’s extremely heart-warming seeing organisations like Finalrentals who came through FinTech Wales’ accelerator programme, now recruiting from our very own data academies.

“We will continue our work with training providers, colleges and our members to reduce the  skills gaps and fill job vacancies. Together, we can develop and retain the skills required to truly champion Wales as a leader in FinTech on the global stage.”

There are further academies currently in the pipeline, with colleges across Wales signing up to support future data and cyber programmes. By September 2023, FinTech Wales expects to work with at least six colleges and offer eight courses that develop skills such as digital growth and full-stack software engineering.

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