FinTech Five – Top Stories in Welsh Fintech – 17th June 2024

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Welcome to this edition of “FinTech 5,” a bi-weekly feature published on the FinTech Wales website. Every two weeks, we bring you the top stories and developments in the Welsh fintech scene, highlighting the latest achievements, deals, and innovations from key players in the industry. In this edition, we cover Starling Bank’s impressive growth, the Royal Mint’s expansion into the US, Hodge Bank’s significant milestone, Wales’ appeal to international tech businesses, and AperiData’s new investment. Dive into these stories to stay updated on the dynamic world of Welsh fintech.

Starling Bank celebrates third year of profitable growth

Starling Bank has marked its third consecutive year of profitable growth, highlighting a period of significant financial achievement. The bank’s annual report showcases a robust balance sheet, increased customer base, and strategic investments that have driven sustained profitability. This milestone reflects Starling Bank’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, positioning it as a leading digital bank in the UK.

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The Royal Mint signs exclusive £100m deal to expand into US market

The Royal Mint has entered into an exclusive £100 million agreement to expand its presence in the US market. This strategic deal is expected to enhance the Royal Mint’s international footprint and diversify its product offerings. By tapping into the US market, the Royal Mint aims to leverage new opportunities for growth and innovation, solidifying its status as a global leader in coin and precious metal production.

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Hodge Bank achieves a significant milestone

Hodge Bank has reached a significant milestone, reflecting its solid financial performance and strategic vision. The CEO, Dave Landen, expressed great satisfaction with the bank’s achievements, which include strong growth in its loan portfolio and a steady increase in customer deposits. This milestone underscores Hodge Bank’s commitment to providing exceptional banking services and its role in supporting the financial wellbeing of its clients.

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Why Wales is First Choice for International Tech Businesses

Wales has become a top destination for international tech businesses, thanks to its supportive business environment, skilled workforce, and strategic location. The region offers a range of incentives for tech companies, including access to cutting-edge research facilities and collaboration opportunities with local universities. These factors, combined with a vibrant startup ecosystem, make Wales an attractive hub for tech innovation and business growth.

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AperiData receives £1 million investment from PayPoint

AperiData has secured a £1 million investment from PayPoint, a move that will bolster its growth and innovation efforts. This funding will support the development of AperiData’s real-time credit reference solutions, helping businesses make informed financial decisions. The investment from PayPoint signifies confidence in AperiData’s technology and its potential to transform the credit referencing landscape.

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This concludes this week’s edition of FinTech Five. Remember to join us every two weeks for the latest news highlights from our FinTech Wales membership and wider FinTech ecosystem.