FAW to be powered by FinTechs in Wales

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The Football Association of Wales has partnered with FinTech Wales to collaborate on their joint mission to promote Wales all over the world, and drive an innovative and sustainable Wales for future generations.  

The ‘Together Stronger’ partnership of these two leading Welsh brands provides a huge opportunity to showcase the very best of what Wales has to offer on a global stage.  As part of the FAW’s drive to become the most innovative association in the world, the new relationship with FinTech Wales opens up all sorts of introductions and paths of collaboration with an array of incredible Welsh FinTechs who will be instrumental in the digital transformation of the FAW

Noel Mooney, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Football Association of Wales, said: “We are beyond thrilled to partner with FinTech Wales – a joint venture that shares our passion for celebrating Cymru’s drive, ingenuity, and cutting-edge technological capabilities across sectors which include football and FinTech.

“With the 2024 UEFA Euros in Germany and the 2025 Women’s Euros in Switzerland ahead of us, we are keen to work with Welsh suppliers to ensure we can grow and develop as efficiently as possible, whilst also being able to give such brilliant Welsh organisations the exposure they deserve all around the world. Our partnership with FinTech Wales has already opened our eyes to the amazing innovations and entrepreneurship we can work with to create a stronger Wales, and I’m excited at the prospect that the FAW will be powered by FinTech solutions created in Wales.” 

Sarah Williams-Gardener, CEO of FinTech Wales, said: “We are thrilled to announce that the Football Association of Wales has joined the FinTech Wales community. 

“The FAW did an incredible job promoting Wales on the global stage at the FIFA 2022 World Cup, and I’m excited that FinTechs starting or scaling their business in Wales will have the opportunity to be part of the FAW’s growth in their next chapter, and enjoy the global presence that the FAW is keen to share.”

“We’re also excited to work with the FAW to increase awareness of the phenomenal FinTech industry we have here in Wales, and the tremendous career opportunities available in FinTech for young girls and boys all over the country. By coming together in our shared dedication to creating a prosperous future, we can open exciting new pathways and set Welsh youth on the path to success.”

Launched in April 2019, FinTech Wales, the champion of the tech and financial services industry in Wales, offers help and support to its network of members and participants. It uses the power of the collective voice to be heard by politicians, governments and influencers in the financial services space. As well as nurturing and supporting those businesses already in Wales, it aims to develop an ecosystem that will encourage and attract new FinTech companies to start-up or scale-up in our region. Ultimately, the goal is to make Wales a leading pillar in the global FinTech community.

For more information, visit https://fintechwales.org/