Demo Day 2022 – Pitch at the Pitch – Live Stream

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We’re delighted to give you access to watch the inaugural Pitch at the Pitch, LIVE from the Principality Stadium in the Welsh Capital.

The live high-quality stream will provide you with (virtual) front row seats for eight startups with tremendous potential, collectively pitching for a total of £7.2m as part of the FinTech Wales Foundry Accelerator Program’s Demo Day.

We’ve been thrilled to work with these exciting startups over the last few months, and their growth in just that short time has been incredible. What they will achieve over the next few years promises to be stratospheric.So get ready to feel the energy, excitement, and the hwyl, as each startup battles it out for your investment in the world’s greatest rugby arena!

For more information on any of the startups featured, how to invest, or get an introduction to the 2022 cohort, email  today.

Cohort Summary

:flag-wales:  TropoGo — Building Google Maps for 30ft to 3000Ft to build a data layer for Low Altitude Aerial Mobility and Insurance.
:flag-wales:  QuoteOnSite – QuoteOnSite is a cloud-based platform that saves SME’s time and money by automating the process of creating, sending, tracking and analysing their quotes, proposals, contracts and other digital documents.
:flag-pt: Yacooba – Mixing blockchain ticketing protocol with a one-click-buy travel marketplace to generate more revenue for promoters and rewards for audiences.
:flag-pl: Finalrentals – Powering local car rental companies to unlock the power of the internet with online bookings, insurance, e-payments, and an international voice (AdTech meets FinTech)
:gb: BOMADU – Helping first-time buyers finance property deposits in an innovative way.
:gb: AGAM – AI-powered credit-scoring platform connecting customers to banks for accessing instant credit.
:flag-wales:  Cufflink – helping businesses limit the likelihood, impacts and costs of a personal data breach.
:flag-wales:  Everknock – A personal assistant to manage every aspect of your home-buying journey.