2022 Cohort Countdown – Introducing Cufflink

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Introducing Cufflink.io, one of the eight companies forming the cohort for Season 2 of the FinTech Wales Foundry: Validate, Raise & Scale Program!

Anglesey-based Cufflink.io – Founded by Billy Williams & Boris Grekov – limits the likelihood and impact of data breaches by controlling exactly what can and can’t be done with personal data, with aims of becoming a global force when it comes to data security and privacy. 🔐 🌍

When asked what makes their solution unique, Cufflink.io commented: “Our patent-pending encryption and decentralised storage and ledger (or Blockchain) technologies, “Splits, Shifts and Encrypts” personal data with our personal data licenses then controlling its access.

By licensing personal data in this way Cufflink.io’s unique approach helps companies mitigate data breach attacks whilst also enhancing regulatory compliance, data insights and ultimately, consumer trust.”

Stay tuned on our socials for updates on Cufflink.io’s journey as they Validate, Raise and Scale their venture throughout the Foundry Program, commencing 9th February 2022.