Capalona Enhances Business Funding Comparison with ‘Connected Insights’ Technology

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Capalona, a leading business finance comparison website, has introduced its latest innovation, ‘Connected Insights,’ developed in-house by North Wales Fintech, Sorodo Ltd. This technology leverages Open Banking and Ai to enhance how businesses in the UK find finance.

Many businesses have already embraced the benefits of linking their bank accounts with Capalona, an integration that unlocks tailored results and provides a seamlessly streamlined experience for users.

Simon Moorcroft, Capalona’s co-founder, said, “The uptake of SMEs connecting their business bank account has been phenomenal. Accessing real-time data enables us to match businesses to funding products more accurately.”

At its core, ‘Connected Insights’ represents a dynamic fusion of Open Banking and Ai-driven automation. This synergy empowers businesses by providing real-time, accurate funding options from a multitude of lenders within seconds.

Rich Wilcock, Capalona’s co-founder, highlights, “Our Connected Insights and Open Banking integration has been fundamental in providing customers with deep-dive matches for their funding options. Through this technology, we can provide, with our lenders, real-time funding solutions in minutes and offer the customer a level of comparison, transparency and control unmatched in the current online marketplace.”

Capalona’s platform puts control firmly in the hands of businesses. By showcasing funding options transparently and employing a digitised process, business owners can explore funding opportunities at their own pace, unhindered by any obstacles.

“The comparison platform eliminates the need for sales or broker phone calls, ensuring the user remains in full control at every step of the process. Once the customer has made their selections, the lender makes contact and the process is finalised” adds Rich Wilcock.

The company’s commitment to accuracy and customer-centricity is evident through leveraging bank data for precise assessments, mitigating human error and optimising funding options in real-time. This enables easy comparison of rates and products, empowering users to make well-informed decisions at their own pace.

Capalona’s pioneering approach, combining technology and customer empowerment, signifies a new era in business finance. Through its innovative ‘Connected Insights’ technology, the company continues to redefine and elevate the online customer journey, setting a new benchmark in the Fintech sector.