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Level 3, Part Time

17 April 2023 — 30 June 2023

£: This course is free for unemployed adults or adults in receipt of specific benefits. If eligible, you do not pay the ‘Course fee’ listed under ‘Course fee per year’. A registration fee of £10-30 may be charged. Any professional registration fee / exam fee / other fee listed will need to be paid for. Financial support for these costs may be available. To find our more go to

About this course:

Developed in close partnership with local tech employers, this free intensive programme is designed to provide you with relevant skills and qualifications in-line with current local job vacancies in the sector.

You will develop well-rounded skills and gain valuable qualifications that boost your career prospects in the Tech sector as a front-end developer.

You will gain a foundational knowledge in:

  • coding
  • professional practice in an IT context
  • using scripting languages 
  • understanding user-centred development

In addition to the technical elements above, you will also learn about project management and the ‘softer skills’ desired by employers.

This is a fantastic opportunity to start, boost or change your career:

  • You may have left school several years ago and worked in a variety of roles since
  • You may be a university graduate struggling to find the right job
  • You may be looking to build your confidence after an extended career break
  • You may be self-taught with a passion for programming and no formal qualifications in this area

Whatever your background, this programme aims to boost your confidence and provide you with skills valued by Tech organisations.

All participants will receive a weekly £150 training allowance. If you have financial constraints or barriers to attending the academy, financial assistance is also available (e.g. toward childcare, travel expenses) *

Partnering local Tech organisations are committing to interviewing all those who complete the required modules.

*This training allowance may affect any benefits you’re in receipt of. 

Read more about this course and how to apply here.