2022 Cohort Countdown: Introducing TropoGo

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Introducing TropoGo, one of the eight companies forming the cohort for Season 2 of the FinTech Wales Foundry: Validate, Raise & Scale Program.

Cardiff-based TropoGo – founded by Sandipan Sen and Subrata Ghosh – are building real-time flight insurance for drones and more, with aims of becoming the go-to maps for low altitude aerial mobility!

When asked what makes their solution unique, TropoGo commented: “TropoGo became the first firm in India to provide hourly insurance for drones. Our technology and subject matter expertise has empowered 4 top Indian insurers to underwrite Drones Insurance mathematically and fearlessly, and to settle claims confidently.

TropoGo’s Proprietary Algorithm consumes 100+ real-time Data Points (Geo Spatial, Geo temporal, Weather, Behavioural, Machine/Telematics, Regulatory, Ground hazards, Upper Airspace ) and calculates a million + combinations to calculate flight risks in real-time, helping:

Thousands of Indian Drone Pilots to improve their flight safety
Insurance Companies effectively price and underwrite Risk
Drone Delivery Companies/Fleet Managers/UTMS for Aerial Route Planning and manage Man/unmanned flight strategic Deconfliction more effectively.

In the near future, we are building live maps of the sky to allow for real-time drone insurance.”

Stay tuned on our socials for updates on TropoGo‘s journey as they Validate, Raise and Scale their venture throughout the Foundry Program.