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Shoal is building a new sustainable way to save money. We believe that by acting together, by moving in unison like a Shoal of fish, we could help accelerate the transition to a greener and fairer world. Through Shoal, everyone can reach their savings goals and watch their money help fund sustainable projects around the world.

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More information about us…

Unlike any other traditional savings account, with Shoal, your money helps support sustainable development around the world and especially in emerging markets. Your savings are referenced to a global portfolio of sustainable assets. Your savings might help support a floating solar power plant in Indonesia or it may support a water treatment plant in Angola. What’s better is that you can learn more about the portfolio of assets your money is helping support. All of that information is public, so you know what is happening to your money.

Careers at Shoal

Explore the dynamic career opportunities offered by our FinTech Wales members and discover your path in the ever-evolving field of Welsh financial technology and surrounding ecosystm. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your journey, our members have a wealth of opportunities waiting for you. Your future in Welsh FinTech begins here!

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