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Capalona is one of the UK’s fastest-growing online business finance brokers, providing a reliable service for hundreds of businesses operating in the UK for the past eight years.

Founded in 2014, Capalona was an idea born out of frustration. Having run businesses themselves in the past, our three Co-Founders, Simon Moorcroft, Jamie Moorcroft and Rich Wilcock, were only too familiar with the lengthy process of finding business finance.

They wanted to build a free online comparison tool that makes it easy for other business owners to compare and apply for the best-fit business finance, business credit cards and business energy deals possible.

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Alternative business finance is a very crowded marketplace, making it very confusing for customers trying to make sense of it. So together with their combined 40 years of experience in the consumer and business finance industry, Simon, Jamie, and Rich developed a comparison model to simplify the process of applying for business finance.

When running a business, keeping an eye on the purse strings is important. So it makes sense to have a single platform where business owners can compare all the best finance deals to make sure there isn’t a better deal elsewhere.

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Explore the dynamic career opportunities offered by our FinTech Wales members and discover your path in the ever-evolving field of Welsh financial technology and surrounding ecosystm. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your journey, our members have a wealth of opportunities waiting for you. Your future in Welsh FinTech begins here!

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