SHOW HER THE MONEY – Exclusive Cardiff Screening

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Join us for an exclusive Cardiff screening of the award-winning film Show Her The Money, followed by a Q&A panel featuring the cast and producers of the film, Catherine Gray and Wendy Ryan, and other female founders and influencers.

This feature length documentary is pulling back the curtain on the venture capital world, creating awareness about why women get less than 2% of VC funding and how we can change that situation. The film is being shown through exclusive screenings all over the world, and FinTech Wales is delighted to be hosting the Cardiff screening with event partners University of South Wales, British Business Bank, Development Bank of Wales and Blake Morgan.

The film tells the incredible stories of a female fund manager, female angel investors, and the women who are the recipients of those funds – women who otherwise would not be getting funded. It features the history of women in the angel investment and VC worlds and talks about how we can impact the future.

Produced by Catherine Gray and Ky Dickens, this film is the first to explore the new acceleration of female founded funds looking to level the playing field. With women coming into trillions in the coming decade, having them become angel investors in these female focused funds will be a game changer.

More about the film…

Show Her The Money addresses how women are getting less than 2% of venture capital funding and demystifies what venture capital is.

Featuring rock-star female investors who invest in diverse women entrepreneurs with innovations that will change the world, Show Her The Money reminds us that money is power and women need it to achieve true equality.

The film follows four visionary founders as they endure uphill battles to turn their ideas into reality. In spite of their dedication and passion constantly being challenged, these women, with the financial support and mentorship of their angel investors, become even more determined, resourceful and resilient, and the growth of their businesses is mind-blowing. Each business has the potential to become a “unicorn” … a billion dollar business.

More about our panellists…

Sarah Kocianski, CEO, FinTech Wales


Catherine Gray – Show Her The Money Producer / Executive Producer / Cast Member

Wendy Ryan – Show Her The Money Executive Producer/Featured in the film

Andrea Callanan, Female Founder

Lucy Cohen, Co-Founder, Mazuma

Plus representatives from British Business Bank and the Development Bank of Wales.