Unlock Your Potential with ITeC Digital Training’s Cyber Security Analyst Apprenticeship

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About ITeC Digital Training

Founded in 1984, ITeC Digital has established itself as a leading training provider in Digital & IT-related subjects. In partnership with NPT Colleges, one of Wales’ largest apprenticeship providers, ITeC Digital has transformed the lives of thousands through its robust apprenticeship programs over the last four decades.

Programme Overview

ITeC Digital offers an extensive Cyber Security Analyst Apprenticeship Programme tailored to meet the increasing demands of digital security. This programme is designed to equip aspiring cyber security professionals and organizations aiming to expand their cyber or ethical hacking teams with the necessary skills to thrive in today’s interconnected digital landscape.

Who Should Apply?

This apprenticeship is ideal for individuals seeking to begin a career in cyber security with minimal prior experience or formal qualifications, as well as organizations looking to bolster their cybersecurity teams. The programme attracts participants from diverse backgrounds due to the critical role of cybersecurity across various industries.

Programme Details

  • Duration: 21 – 24 months
  • Levels Offered: Level 3 and Level 4 Diplomas
  • Credits: 77 credits at Level 3; 95 credits at Level 4
  • Key Competencies Developed:
    • ESW Application of Number, Communication, and Digital Literacy at minimum Level 2

Delivery Model

  • Format: Hybrid training with 2 days per month of off-the-job training at ITeC Digital’s Swansea location.
  • Assessment: Includes on-the-job visits/observations, regular reviews involving the apprentice, their line manager, and their coach.
  • Support: Each apprentice is assigned an Account Manager and benefits from comprehensive portfolio management.

Why Choose ITeC Digital?

  • Hands-on Learning: Apprentices learn on the job, applying new skills immediately within their roles.
  • Cost-Effective: Training is fully funded by the Welsh Government, making it an invaluable investment.
  • Workplace Impact: Apprentices bring new energy and innovative ideas, boosting workplace culture and productivity.
  • Employee Retention: Investing in apprenticeships has shown to significantly increase employee retention rates.
  • Tailored Approach: One size doesn’t fit all, choose units specific to your team’s needs.

Ready to Secure Your Future in Cybersecurity?

Explore more about our Cyber Security Analyst Apprenticeship and apply today to begin your journey in safeguarding digital landscapes. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our dedicated team:

  • Demi Necrews, Head of Partnerships & Engagement, at [email protected] or call 07999 496 516.
  • Luke Anrude, Head of Training & Curriculum, at [email protected] or call 07508 097 603.

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Enhance your career or empower your team with ITeC Digital’s Cyber Security Analyst Apprenticeship, and take a significant step towards mastering the complexities of cybersecurity.