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Iungo is dedicated to the professional growth and success of individuals in the Fintech sector. With a variety of expertly designed training programs, Iungo meets the evolving needs of professionals seeking to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Featured Programs Offered by Iungo:

🚀 Business Start-Up Bootcamp: This 3-day intensive bootcamp, scheduled for July, is ideal for entrepreneurs. Participants will gain crucial skills in financial planning and creating compelling investment proposals, establishing a solid foundation for their business ventures.

📊 Venture into Data Bootcamp: Held on evenings and weekends over a span of 5 weeks, with cohorts starting in July and subsequent sessions in September and January. This program is designed for professionals eager to leverage data-driven strategies to advance their careers.

📈 Project Management Higher Apprenticeship: With rolling entry points throughout the year, this two-year program demands just two days of commitment per month. It focuses on refining project management skills, empowering participants to lead with confidence and efficiency.

⚙️ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: Starting in July, this 10-week course runs on Fridays and is aimed at mastering Lean Six Sigma methodologies. It enhances participants’ abilities to lead complex projects and deliver significant operational improvements.

Tailored Training Solutions:

Iungo also offers corporate cohorts tailored to business needs, collaborating closely with companies to identify the best funding avenues to help cover the cost of training, making it as effective and affordable as possible.

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These opportunities are designed not only to enhance skills but also to strategically advance careers in the dynamic world of Fintech.