CFIT FinTech Placement Programme in Partnership with FinTech Wales 

The Centre of Finance, Innovation and Technology (CFIT) is working in partnership with FinTech Wales and leading universities in Wales, offering 3 essential models to support and make use of the talent available for fintech businesses. Working initially with the Welsh FinTech ecosystem, this CFIT pilot programme will be rolled out for the rest of the UK to follow in 2024.

The programme:


Inspire and influence students by providing valuable information, advice, and insights into the FinTech sector through mentoring. The typical commitment for this opportunity is one hour per month for six months at the University of South Wales, and a minimum of five sessions between January and April at Cardiff University.

Short Placements

The second option for FinTech Wales members to get involved is to offer short unpaid placements to provide students with an opportunity to gain practical experience within the FinTech industry.

This opportunity is available to second-year undergraduate students at the University of South Wales and students of all levels at Cardiff University.

The typical commitment for these placements ranges from 30 to 70 hours, depending on the students timetable.


The final way to show your support and seek out the talent you need for the future is to offer paid internships lasting 10 weeks (Jan to March, 3 days per week) for second year students at USW, and 12 weeks for students at all levels from Cardiff University.

By engaging in these opportunities, you will:

Access Future Talent

Develop relationships with students during their studies (not after), enabling you to secure priority access to the talent and skills you need now and in the future.

Inspire and Influence

Make a difference by mentoring students, providing valuable advice, information, and insights into the FinTech sector, and inspiring the next generation of industry professionals.


Embrace the enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas of talented students, bringing new energy and creativity to your organisation.

“The Welsh Fintech ecosystem is a vibrant example of collaboration in the UK. CFIT is working with FinTech Wales, Cardiff University and University of South Wales to create – for the first time – a Fintech Placement Programme. This pilot work placement offers a boost to talent and skills in the region and an approach that aligns with the Kalifa review recommendations. We’re backing this to succeed in Wales and we’re looking forward to working with FinTech Wales to show other fintech clusters in the UK what’s possible.”