The Future of FinTech: Artificial Intelligence

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Join us for an engaging and insightful event, “The Future of Fintech: Artificial Intelligence,” where leading experts will explore the transformative impact of AI for business in the financial technology sector. This event will delve into how AI is revolutionising services, powering marketing, enhancing security, optimising operations, and driving innovation. Attendees will gain valuable insights into harnessing the power of AI to increase efficiency as well as the latest AI advancements, practical applications, and future trends shaping the fintech sector.

During the session, we will hear from these amazing speakers:

  • Dr. Mabrouka Abuhmida, AI Specialist, University of South Wales
  • Becca Lidstone, Business Solutions, Ogi
  • Steph Locke, Digital and App Innovation Specialist, Microsoft
  • Nigel Lombard, CEO & Founder, Peppercorn AI

A live demo of Microsoft Copilot will also be available.  

This event is FREE for FinTech Wales members to attend. Please find your promo code in the members email or via the Slack channel.