FinTech Roundtable with Innovate Finance

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Innovate Finance is partnering with FinTech Wales on this insightful roundtable event to discuss the draft of the FinTech Manifesto which sets out the main policy priorities for the next government to ensure the UK FinTech sector continues to grow and prosper.

The goal is for the manifesto to represent the views of the entire UK FinTech ecosystem so politicians understand the key challenges they need to address following the general election. The purpose of the event is for an open discussion on the manifesto content, areas to explore further, or other issues to include that may not be already covered.


Paul Worthington is the Head of Regulatory Affairs for Innovate Finance. He previously led the Financial Conduct Authority’s Innovation division’s global policy strategy and collaboration with other international regulatory authorities, including the creation of the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN). Paul also previously worked for Meta (Facebook) where he led on FinTech and digital assets policy across Europe. Paul has over 10 years experience working on financial services and FinTech related regulatory issues.

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